What makes Velde Ford different from other dealerships in the area?

  • Great Customer Service: The way we treat our customers is unparalleled – we genuinely care for you and your vehicle!

Family Owned and Operated: Second-generation owned. We treat our employees like family because they ARE family!

  • Incredible Inventory: New or Used, our inventory is vast and available to peruse online from the comfort of your home!
  • Pre-Approved Auto Loans: No matter your credit score, we’ll get you an auto loan that you can easily afford!
  • Comfortable Atmosphere: Our employees are friendly and everyone enjoys being here – these are key ingredients to having a comfortable atmosphere!

Velde Ford | Serving Pekin, IL for Over 60 Years!

At Velde Ford, we pride ourselves on being a family-owned and operated business that has been serving Illinois for over 60 years! During this time, we have perfected the art of customer service by offering an exciting and transparent car-buying experience. Not to mention, we pride ourselves on being very hands-on and open with our customers.

After all, we believe we are in the business of making lifelong friends, as opposed to simply making a sale.

Since we opened our doors in 1957, we have stuck by these beliefs. This has resulted in a steady stream of loyal customers that return to us time and time again.

In fact, many of our loyal customers from the 50’s are encouraging their grandchildren to purchase their vehicles from us – an amazing compliment that we are honored to receive!

If you’d like to experience the warm, inviting, and exciting atmosphere at Velde Ford, we encourage you to stop by. We would enjoy nothing more than getting to know you and your family, and welcome the opportunity to turn you into a lifelong friend.

Should you have any questions, feel free to contact one of our team members at (888) 221-2804.

Beginnings of velde ford

Velde Ford | From the Humble Beginnings of Velde Ford in 1957

When Velde Ford was founded in 1957, it was owned and operated by two friends: Bruce Saurs and Lynn Velde. These two gentlemen were known throughout the community as being friendly and honest individuals – traits that customers appreciated in a car dealership!

They worked hard to be active in the community and created a dealership that revolved around the idea of enjoying what you do, and getting customers excited about visiting. Bruce and Lynn knew offering superior customer service and showing customers that they cared for them – far beyond just the simple sale of a car - could accomplish this.

They incorporated this friendly and caring attitude into the building blocks of Velde Ford, and the employees quickly caught on. The sincerity and comfortable atmosphere that radiated throughout Velde Ford allowed the dealership to flourish in the 60’s and into the 70’s.

In the late 70’s, the dealership took on a new employee: Tim Saurs, Bruce’s son. Tim was born and raised in Pekin, IL and spent a lot of time at the dealership as he was growing up. Although he worked part time in the early mid-70’s washing cars, he started full-time in 1979.

Unfortunately, this same year the automotive industry took a hard hit with high interest rates. These high interest rates scared customers and many refrained from purchasing cars. Although Velde Ford did what it could to help customers, the automotive industry struggled.

During this time, Tim was thrown into the fire and forced to learn about the dealership business during a time of struggle. Fortunately for him, Tim loved the challenge and flourished alongside his father and Lynn.

By 1983, interest rates had improved and the automobile industry began to recover. Bruce and Lynn began to see success at the dealership once again, and felt the need to share this success with their employees. They did this by implementing a profit sharing plan.

This plan gave 10% of the yearly profits to employees. Every employee received 10% of the year’s profits. This plan continues to exist today at Velde Ford, and has helped make the employees happy.

In 1987, Bruce and Lynn were presented with the opportunity to buy the Brenkman Oldsmobile Cadillac in Pekin, IL. Rory, the sales manager at Velde Ford and a great friend, partnered with Bruce and Lynn. In December of ’87, they opened the Velde Oldsmobile Cadillac store’s doors for the first time. This store remains open today and can be found right next-door!

In 1988, Tim started negotiating to be a third partner at Velde Ford. Bruce and Lynn were happy to accept this request, especially with Tim’s hard work and dedication to the dealership.

Things at the Velde Ford continued to flow smoothly after Tim became part owner, until the year 2000 when the dealership was hit with the tragic passing of Lynn Velde. Well-known throughout the community and respected by many, Lynn is sorely missed at the dealership today.

Velde ford present day

Velde Ford | Present Day

Current day Velde Ford is a dealership that remains honest and sincere in every aspect of its business. Since the doors opened in 1957, the dealership has remained united through the struggles, family/friend losses, and successes of the dealership. It is this bond that has made Velde Ford the close-knit and welcoming dealership it is today.

With the recent passing of Bruce Saurs, the dealership now belongs solely to Tim. Although the unfortunate passing of Bruce has rocked both Velde GM and Velde Ford, the outpouring of support from the community has been humbling. The team members of Velde GM and Velde Ford will sorely miss both Bruce and Lynn.

Despite this great loss, Velde Ford will honor their memory by continuing to treat customers with care and sincerity. Bruce and Lynn founded Velde Ford on these basic principles and Tim will continue to apply these ideals. With the help of the fantastic Velde Ford team, the dealership will put its focus on keeping the car buying experience exciting, enjoyable, and above all, honest.

When you visit Velde Ford, we want you to leave satisfied and content. We are committed to giving you a car buying experience you will enjoy, as well as provide you with superior auto service, body repair, and maintenance.

No matter your automotive needs, we welcome the opportunity to serve you. To reach a friendly Velde Ford team member, feel free to contact (888) 221-2804 or stop by our dealership located at 2200 N. 8th St. in Pekin, IL.