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Routine maintenance will do a lot to protect your vehicle investment including improve performance, boost fuel-efficiency, and prolong your vehicle’s lifespan. However, there are also other things you can do to extend your vehicle’s life that don’t necessarily include visiting your local auto service center, like keeping the interior and exterior of your vehicle clean. This helps to protect the various components that make up your vehicle, which will allow you to maintain their condition throughout your vehicle’s life. Plus, when the interior of your car is neat and tidy, you’re less likely to become distracted while you’re driving, and keeping the exterior of your vehicle clean will not only make you look great on the road, but will allow your vehicle to continue running in tip-top shape. In the sections below you’ll find simple car cleaning tips and tricks from the auto service experts at Velde Ford on the best practices for cleaning both the interior and exterior of your car, as well as how to get that grimy salt out of your vehicle’s carpets.

Spring Car Cleaning Tips for the Interior of Your Vehicle

When the interior of your vehicle is clean and organized, you’re less likely to become distracted while driving. Since we all know distracted driving is very dangerous, allowing yourself to stay focused on the road will keep you and other drivers safe. Another benefit to keeping the interior of your vehicle clean is being prepared in an emergency. If you need to act fast, the less distraction around you the better. Plus, we can all agree that the best part about keeping your vehicle’s cabin clean is that refreshing feeling every time you go for a drive. However, staying clean and organized also helps you protect your vehicle investment by maintaining the different components that make up your vehicle so they are in optimal shape for years to come. So get started on your spring car cleaning with the list of tips and tricks below that will help you tidy up your interior:

  • Dispose of all garbage and recyclables to free up space from unnecessary clutter.
  • Get rid of anything you do not need in your vehicle for the season. Make sure to check the trunk as well! Added perk: The less weight you have in your vehicle the more miles you’ll get per gallon of gas.
  • Wipe down the inside of your windows with a slightly wet microfiber rag and a vinegar-based solution. After, use a dry rag on the windows to achieve a streak-free shine.
  • Remove the dust and dirt from your vents, dashboard, and any other plastic surfaces with a coffee filter. The coffee filter won’t leave any fibers behind.
  • Clean out any unnecessary papers and items form you glove box. Leave only what you really need in there.
  • Shake out your rugs to get rid of all the crumbs and dirt. Then, vacuum out the rest of your vehicle before putting the rugs back in.
  • Roll your windows down and air out your car if the weather is appropriate.
Spring cleaning

Spring Car Cleaning Tips for the Exterior of Your Vehicle

The winter months can be harsh on all parts of your vehicle, but especially the exterior. Salt, dirt, and other grime builds up on your vehicle and can negatively impact the undercarriage and paint. If your car isn’t cleaned of this residue properly, more damage could result, including rust or exposed car parts. That’s why spring is the perfect time to suds up the outside of your vehicle! Keeping the exterior of your car clean will prolong the life of it and help maintain its overall performance. To keep your car looking fresh on the road you can clean up your vehicle at home or take it through a car wash. If you’re going to wash your vehicle at home, we have a couple of great spring car cleaning tips and trick to help you out:

  • If you can, wash your vehicle in a shady area. This will keep the soap from drying too fast on the car before you can rinse it.
  • Use soft sponges, soft brushes, and microfiber rags when scrubbing.
  • Get those annoying bugs off the front of your vehicle with a dryer sheet.
  • Only use a soap that’s specialized for cars. Other soups like dish detergent are too rough on your car’s paint.
  • Work in sections when you’re scrubbing and rinsing. This will prevent the soap from drying too fast on your vehicle before you have a chance to rinse it.
  • Try to keep a bucket of clean water as dirt-free as possible by rinsing your tools well.
  • Take advantage of your newly cleaned vehicle and wax it! It may seem time consuming, but it will keep your paint from getting scratched and will offer UV ray protection.

How To Remove Salt From Your Vehicle’s Carpet and Floor Mats

With the harsh Illinois winters we experience, you can’t really avoid the amount of salt on the road. But somehow it seems more salt can end up in your car than on the actual road, right? We always recommend investing in plastic floor mats because all they need is an easy wipe down to become clean again. If you don’t have plastic vehicle mats yet, no worries! The service detail experts at Velde Ford are here to help you! Below you’ll find our foolproof strategy to help get those salt stains right off your vehicle’s carpet and floor mats, just follow the steps below:

  1. Fill a spray bottle with a solution that’s 50/50 water and vinegar.
  2. Spray the solution onto all the salt spots. You only need to spray enough to make the carpet slightly wet. Then let the solution sit for a minute or two.
  3. Dab, do not wipe, the salt spots with a clean, dry rag. The goal is to soak up the salt stain with the rag.
  4. If the rag becomes wet from the solution, but the stain is still on the carpet try grabbing another dry towel to dab again.
  5. When you’re done, the spot should be dry and the stain should be gone! If a salt stain is still on the carpet, repeat steps 2-4.

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