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Simoniz GlassCoat Coverage | Protecting Your Vehicle’s Look and Resale Value!

When you purchase a brand new vehicle, you expect it to continue looking like new for an extended period of time – especially if you take care of it! However, environmental factors like hard water, UV damage, decaying insects, bird waste, etc. have the tendency to ruin your vehicle’s exterior.

With Simoniz GlassCoat Coverage, your vehicle’s good looks and resale value will be protected. Today’s paints are water based and much softer than in the past. It is because of this softness that the environment easily damages your car’s paint.

GlassCoat polymerizes on the clearcoat of your vehicle, which in turn forms a unique ceramic glass resin. This resin protects your paint and keeps it looking like it just rolled off the line!

At Velde Ford, we stand behind GlassCoat’s abilities. So much in fact that we provide you with a product warranty that lasts up to 7 years on new vehicles and 6 years on used. If for whatever reason ClassCoat fails to protect your paint, we will repair/repaint your vehicle until you’re satisfied.

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All About Simoniz GlassCoat Protection Technology

We are incredibly impressed with GlassCoat’s ability to protect your vehicle’s paint. It is able to do that because it is not your average paint protector.

GlassCoat is a clear liquid that is applied to the clearcoat of your vehicle. It then chemically reacts with hydrogen and oxygen on the surface of your vehicle’s clearcoat. Once the reaction has settled, you’ll have an extremely clear, tough, and durable ceramic film that is so strong that not even organic solvent can remove it!

Simoniz GlassCoat Featured on Modern Marvels

Simoniz GlassCoat is so popular that it was featured on the History Channel’s “Modern Marvels”! In the episode, Simoniz GlassCoat was hailed for its state-of-the-art paint protection abilities.

The History Channel sent film and production crews to the Simoniz headquarters where they demonstrated the GlassCoat’s capabilities. With the way it protects your vehicle’s paint job, we believe it to be a ‘Modern Marvel’ too!

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