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Ford SYNC Vehicle Technology with MyFord Touch at Velde Ford

At Velde Ford, we want to give you the best all-around vehicle experience possible! To us, this includes providing you with all the information we can about the useful technologies provided by Ford, including Ford SYNC and MyFord. We want to show you how to best utilize these in-car technologies to make your life just a little easier. Although Ford SYNC capabilities differ from vehicle to vehicle, we know you will love all of the features Ford SYNC has to offer with MyFord, MyFord Touch, and SYNC 3. Learn more about everything the Ford SYNC vehicle technology can do for you below! If you have any questions or need help with your vehicle, please give us a call at (888) 221-2804.

SYNC Hands-Free Calling

Hands-free calling allows you do to exactly what the name says: make calls hands-free! Available on all versions of SYNC: SYNC with MyFord, SYNC with MyFord Touch, and SYNC 3, you can make a phone call simply by tapping a button on your steering wheel and speaking out loud. The phone call is then transmitted through your vehicle’s speakers. Once you pair your phone with your Ford vehicle, you can store contacts to the Ford SYNC system, which will allow you to make calls without touching your phone. Your safety is the number one priority, so we recommend using this feature to avoid distractions on the road!

Ford SYNC 911 Assist

When you connect your smartphone to your vehicle’s Ford SYNC system, your vehicle is then capable of making an emergency 911 call for you in the case of an accident, even if you are unable of making the call yourself. Just make sure you have 911 Assist turned on after you pair your phone. Your safety is important to Ford as well, so this feature is included at no extra charge!

Infotainment System Voice Recognition

When you press the SYNC voice button on your steering wheel, you can use the voice recognition system to complete a variety of activities without taking your hands off the wheel or your eyes off the road; make a call, send a text message, or control your music. With MyFord Touch you can even adjust the climate controls and navigation, using just your voice! The best part about Ford’s voice recognition is that the voice commands don’t have to be technical, just speak clearly and use simple phrases. Check out Ford’s voice recognition how to video below to see how to use this SYNC feature!


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Ford SYNC 3 plus Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

With the release of Ford SYNC 3 Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, you now have the ability to interact with your Apple or Android smartphone through the SYNC system to avoid distracted driving. Once your phone is connected, you can talk to Siri or Google to utilize your phone and all the apps you love. You can make and return calls, listen to voicemail, listen and reply to texts, and use Apple Maps or Google Maps navigation for turn by turn directions and travel conditions, all through SYNC3 without having to pick up your phone.

Siri Seamless Integration

In addition to Apple CarPlay, with Ford SYNC 3, iPhone users will also enjoy the Siri Eyes Free feature which allows you to interact with Siri as you normally would on your iPhone. You can interact with Siri to ask questions such as "where is the nearest coffee shop?" or "show me current traffic.” As long as your iPhone is paired and connected via Bluetooth, you can easily make calls and send texts using voice commands through Siri Eyes Free.

Music Search and Control

Controlling your in-car music entertainment is easy with Ford SYNC, MyFord Touch, and SYNC3. You can wirelessly connect your phone via Bluetooth or through a USB cord. Simply use your voice to control your music by saying what you would like to hear, or by saying “Bluetooth audio” to stream tunes from your smartphone. SYNC is even smart enough to make a playlist for you!

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Climate Control Through Ford SYNC

Use the SYNC with MyFord Touch or SYNC3 touchscreen to save your preferred temperature setting and then you’ll be able to use the system’s voice command “my temperature on” to adjust the vehicle climate to that setting at any time. Watch the video below to learn how to use SYNC Climate Control.

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Ford Vehicle Technology at Velde Ford in Pekin, IL

At Velde Ford, we want to make sure you’re getting the most out of your vehicle investment! With all the convenient Ford SYNC vehicle technologies available with MyFord, MyFord Touch, and SYNC 3, you'll always be connected on the road. Whether you're in the market for a new or certified pre-owned vehicle, or already have a Ford vehicle, visit Velde Ford in Pekin, IL to experience the latest Ford vehicle technology.

Our auto experts are here to help and are happy to show you how to use your vehicle's Ford SYNC system. If you have any question about Ford SYNC or your vehicle’s capabilities, we encourage you to contact us at (888) 221-2804. Or, feel free to stop by the Velde Ford dealership located at 2200 North 8th Street, Pekin, IL 61554 at your convenience! We're glad to be able to serve our neighbors in Pekin, Peoria, Tremont, Morton, Washington, and beyond!